Best Luxury Online Casinos in Bermuda

There are a number of top luxury online casinos available to Bermuda players, and the best ones have a bunch of royal offerings in terms of games, bonuses, and VIP benefits that UK players here can enjoy. While the island of Bermuda is a well-known and popular tourist destination, it, unfortunately, does not have any brick-and-mortar casinos - that means that players in Bermuda flock to online casinos and a lot of the ones available from here have some top-notch products and services for British players.

History of Online Gambling in Bermuda

Inevitably for a holiday destination, there have been some casino games such as slot machines set up in the past, in a few hotels and resorts in the region. However, after the government clamped down on all gambling activity in the early twenty-first century, even these few gambling options disappeared from the region. Therefore, residents and holidayers here have started using some of the best luxury online casinos in Bermuda to satiate their gambling needs. Due to the government's stance on land-based gambling being illegal, online casinos are not allowed to be based out of here as there is no operating license available from the Bermuda government - any online casino claiming to be based within Bermuda or having a Bermuda gambling license is fake. However, that does not mean that British players from Bermuda cannot use online casinos that are licensed from valid overseas authorities, and they have been regularly doing so for several years.

Current Online Gambling Regulations of Bermuda

The new Casino Gaming Act of 2014 by the Bermuda government (which has also recently set up the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission) makes it legal for up to a maximum of 3 land-based casinos to operate from the region, provided these are set up as part of a resort and hotel. The reason they have opened up in their outlook is that Bermuda is a tourist destination so gambling is a popular activity, and also because of the revenue they were potentially missing out on by not regulating and overseeing casino games. The law on playing casino games online is unclear - that is because there is nothing in the Gaming Act that expressly either allows or forbids online gambling. Therefore, players can continue to use some of the best Bermuda luxury online casinos provided they can get access to the site. While land-based and online casinos are two different ball games, the softening of the stance of the Bermuda government on brick-and-mortar casinos implies that they should look favourably on online gambling too in the near future.

Top Luxury Online Casinos in Bermuda

Traditionally, sports betting, bingo, and dice games such as Crown & Anchor have been the top gambling options for people in Bermuda. However, although the land is a British Overseas Territory and the UK allows gambling, Bermuda is free to make up its governing laws for its local population and they, unfortunately, frown upon gambling. As a result, a few global online casinos do not offer their services to players in Bermuda to avoid any trouble. However, there does exist several top luxury online casinos from Bermuda that can be accessed via the internet to play some of the best online casino games.

While various casinos have their strong points, we can recommend some sites that are good in almost every aspect and great in a couple of features. Mansion Casino is a stalwart of the industry and gives a top Bermuda luxury online casino experience by ensuring the best reputability and safety, a royal VIP club as part of an amazing bonus structure, and very clean software and games. Another top luxury online casino in Bermuda that commands a stellar reputation is Maria Casino - this site has been running strong for almost two decades and has a fantastic range of bonuses to go with a wide selection of games and state-of-the-art safety and security protocols in place. Slots Millions Casino, as their name suggests, offers some of the best slots that one can hope to get in online casinos and you can play their games not just on a desktop but also via their award-winning mobile app. This site has also revolutionized luxury gaming by providing 3-D and Virtual Reality gambling options which makes for an amazing playing experience. Vegas Paradise Casino is a site with amazing customer support and a fine selection of games, while Euro Palace Casino is another top site offering some of the best games and jackpots to go with a nice VIP program that rewards loyal customers.

What to Look Out For in Bermuda Luxury Online Casinos

Since Bermuda does not have online casinos within its jurisdiction, it will pay to be careful about a few factors before playing on a luxury online casino in Bermuda:

Legality: Due to the unclear laws governing online gambling in the region, a few online casinos play it safe and do not allow players in Bermuda from accessing their site. That said, a few sites do not accept players from Bermuda but the site itself is still accessible from the region. Therefore, the casino you are playing in must be fine accepting players located in Bermuda. While most online casinos are OK with UK players in Bermuda, it might still be useful to double-check their Terms & Conditions just to ensure that Bermuda is not on their list of dis-allowed countries.

Banking: It is no point playing on a site where you cannot deposit/withdraw with ease. It is recommended to use online casinos that have a wide variety of payment options, and in particular, those that accept e-Wallets, mobile payment options, and cryptocurrency as these offer the quickest and safest modes of trans-continental transactions.

Bonuses: When playing on a site that is located outside your local jurisdiction, it is advised to 'try before you buy'. One of the ways to do this is to use a site's bonuses to play as much as you can to get a feel for the site - you can also use their bonuses as a test to try and deposit/withdraw small amounts before depositing larger sums. Look out for site's that offer generous bonuses with friendly wagering requirements that will allow you to do this.

Games: The best sites will host games from top software developers like Microgaming, NetEnd and a few others. Ensure that the site you play on has at least one, if not more, of the best and most well-reputed games providers.

There are many top luxury online casino options for Bermuda players. The best ones are safe and secure with good games and bonus selections. All you need to do is ensure that these boxes are ticked and also check for the safety and security features of the casino, including the legality of Bermuda players, and you should be good to go.