VIP Bonuses at Luxury Casinos

Feb. 04, 2022

When exploring a new luxurious online casino site for the first time, you might be tempted to look for sites that offer big and vip bonuses to new players. While this is certainly something to look for, it should not be your primary reason for choosing a site. You see, the vast majority of online betting websites have welcome bonuses for players to claim, and as a result, they are interchangeable. What really sets certain sites apart is how they treat long time players. As a result, we are going to be looking at a couple of sites to see what VIP bonuses they have for users to claim.

Mansion Casino

When you start looking for luxurious sites to play at one, Mansion Casino should be one of the first that comes to mind. The users on this site have the opportunity to claim VIP bonuses, but it is an exclusive club. Only the top users on the site are invited to become VIPs. Mansion Casino regularly reviews the most active accounts on the site to see if users have what it takes. If they think you should be a VIP, you will be contacted with an invitation.

By joining the club, you will get access to a variety of benefits. Notably, you will get access to a personal account manager. You will also get higher bet limits, higher deposit limits, special VIP bonuses, and access to VIP only events. However, the thing that should stand out the most is that you will get special VIP bonuses. The exact bonuses you will be able to claim are not listed because they are constantly changing. VIPs get access to new VIP bonuses at Mansion Casino all the time so that they can keep playing and winning money.

Vegas Paradise Casino

Vegas Paradise Casino is another place you can go to get good VIP bonuses as a VIP. If you are loyal to the site, you will start to earn a variety of perks that will help you score more wins. As you play, you are going to increase your loyalty level. There are five tiers for players to work through. Starting with bronze as a new players, users can level up to silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each tier gives new rewards.

Notably, users that reach the platinum tier start to get special VIP bonuses on their birthday. Then when you enter the diamond tier at Vegas Paradise, you will earn personalized gifts and an anniversary reward.

Maria Casino

Maria Casino is an interesting site because it does not have a loyalty program for players to join. However, that does not mean that they do not offer rewards for Maria Casino users that show their loyalty. They give customers that play regularly bonuses on a weekly basis.

Notably, there is a Thursday offer that gives players $25 to use on the Temple Tumble Megaways game. There is also a weekly minigame that gives players the opportunity to win up to $1125 every week. Finally, users can get cashback from jackpots every week.

Euro Palace Casino

When you start to play at Euro Palace Casino, you are going to have a lot to take in. There are several games that you can play, and several VIP bonuses to claim. However, what should draw your eye immediately is the loyalty program. As soon as you make your account, you will be entered into it, and you will start to earn VIP bonus points. Every time you make a wager using cash or play one of your favorite titles, you will earn loyalty points. These VIP bonus points can be used to get bonus credits, which you can spend however you want.

Loyalty points are able to be redeemed in predetermined increments whenever players like. Once those points have been redeemed, they will turn into VIP bonus credits. Those VIP bonus credits can be used to claim various rewards that are exclusive to customers at their level of the loyalty program.

Additionally, as an incentive to new players, they will receive 2500 loyalty points when they make their first deposit. So, while they start in the bronze tier, they will get a jump start in climbing the ranks at Euro Palace.

Slots Million Casino

Slots Million Casino, like Maria Casino, does not have a luxurious loyalty program for Slots Million users to join. However, in the same way as Maria Casino, it has ways to reward customers for their loyalty. Every week, there are new bonuses for players to claim if they have been active. Notably, every Tuesday players get the chance to win 200 free spins via the Summer Million Weekly Spins Giveaway.

There is also a Happy Hour for players every Friday from 7 PM to 11 PM in your local time zone. Every week by depositing $20, you will receive a new bonus. Finally, customers can earn 20 free spins a day on the Chilli Heat Megaways slot by depositing $20 between 11 AM and 1 PM in your local time.